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Debrecen solar observatory


Data products:
Debrecen Photoheliographic Data (DPD) - ground-based or space-borne white-light sunspot data and image database
 - MySQL query for DPD, - Query for DPD sunspot group tilt angle data

SOHO/MDI - Debrecen Data (SDD) - SOHO/MDI sunspot and facular data and image database
 - MySQL query for SDD, - Query for SDD sunspot group tilt angle data

Data base and tool for studying of active region magnetic configuration and positions of solar flares

SDO/HMI - Debrecen Data (HMIDD) - SDO/HMI sunspot data and image catalogue

Greenwich Photoheliographic Results - revised, converted to the DPD format, and completed with solar drawings (1872-1976)
Hungarian historical solar drawings - full-disk white-light drawings (1872-1919)
FTP archives - all databases of the observatory

Recent Sun:   Quick-Look DPD
Today's Sun:  SolarMonitor (hosted at the TCD and at e-INIS)
Today's Space Weather:  at SIDC or at NOAA/SWPC

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